Red Birthday Bash!
Aug 30

Red Birthday Bash!

  • 1613 Far W Farwell Ave, Apt 1E Chicago, IL, 60626 United States

Come celebrate Red Wedge's third birthday (and, coincidentally, the birthday of two of our editors! Drinks, posters and other assorted RW merchandise will be for sale. Yes, there will be cake. Funds will go toward our yearly fund drive.

The apartment for the party is just steps from the Morse Red Line stop in Chicago. Please ring the bell to come in.

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Bastille Day Prison Abolition Fundraiser
Jul 19

Bastille Day Prison Abolition Fundraiser

  • 2400 S Oakley Ave Chicago, IL, 60608 United States

Brick by brick, wall by wall...

If we can't physically tear down any jails this Bastille Day then we can at least lend a hand to the groups that are aiming to build an alternative to our racist prison industrial copmlex. Red Wedge magazine is proud to present this event, and we want you there!

There will be art, books, magazines and refreshments for sale, along with opportunities to make your own cards, bookmarks or posters. Proceeds from refreshments and Red Wedge merch will go to benefit the magazine, while proceeds from art and books will go Project NIA.

Come celebrate Bastille Day the right way: with revolutionary art and the promise of liberation.

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Neoliberalism and the Importance of the Radical Imagination
12:00 pm12:00

Neoliberalism and the Importance of the Radical Imagination

  • John Jay College

Anti-capitalist cultural production has struggled to come to terms with creating oppositional culture within a neoliberal context: the relationship of art and culture to restructured global labor, to the constant reproduction of gestures across geographies and cultures and the residual disbelief in “totalizing metanarratives” (i.e. socialism). Each of these interrelated dynamics challenge anti-capitalist cultural producers to create new strategies. This workshop, part of Left Forum 2015, aims to play a modest (but urgent) role in his discussion.

Speakers on the panel include Red Wedge editors Adam Turl, Nikeeta Slade and Alexander Billet. It will be held in Room 1.125, 524 W 59th Street, New York City.

This event is part of this year's Left Forum, to be held from May 29th to 31st at John Jay College in NYC. Tickets can be purchased here. RSVP on Facebook to the event here.

Launch Party For Issue One: "Art + Revolution"
Apr 12

Launch Party For Issue One: "Art + Revolution"

  • Stone Soup Ashland House

Red Wedge magazine's first full print issue, "Art + Revolution," is on its way from the printers. Needless to say, all of us here at Red Wedge are quite excited and want to share this moment with our readers both new and old.

The good people at Stone Soup Co-op have generously provided space, and our friends at the Anarchist Brewing Collective are supplying some of their excellent beer.

Copies of Issue One will be for sale; Chicago subscribers who can make it will be able to pick up their copies at the party. We'll also have copies of Issue Zero, posters and much more. 

A five dollar suggested donation is requested. Drinks will be available for sale too.

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Light Brigade Time with the Coup
Mar 1

Light Brigade Time with the Coup

  • Reggie's

A year ago Light Brigaders and friends rocked out on stage with the message "REVOLUTION" at The Coup concert at Reggie's. Well, this year we're doing the same, with some added elements to keep it fresh. The message on stage, which we will need light holders for, will be "ABOLITION." That's right. Straight up abolitionist politics with awesome music and THE COUP!