Jenny Espino

A Corpus Christi native, Jenny Espino began as an Avant Dance Company member and quickly moved into a teaching position at Avant Dance. Since 2005 she has taught classes in hip-hop, lyrical, jazz, and contemporary while acting as assistant director and choreographer to the Avant Dance Company. She has worked with recording artists La Conquista, DJ Dus/El Dusty, Master Blaster Sound System, Jenna Klein, and Paula DeAnda in both live performances and music videos. She toured the West Coast with rapper Silmeon, currently of IAM. She also choreographed two of his music videos, including "Wiggle Jiggle" and "Pay Up" and is in constant demand as a choreographer for other recording artists. Standing in the tradition of Vygotsky and Freire, she encourages her students to become "co-creators" of movement. Jenny is a community organizer and is a contributing editor at Red Wedge.

Instagram: @yourdanceteacher
Twitter: @socialisTwerker