Red Wedge No. 5: "Bad Dreams"


Red Wedge No. 5: "Bad Dreams"


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Modern life for millions is a nightmare. Climate change is threatening our very notion of a stable and natural reality. The far right is ascendant in a growing number of countries. Neoliberalism, in all its exposed cruelty and indifference, continues to stride along on the back of its most effective mantra: “There Is No Alternative.”

Should we even bother with dreams of optimism, of anything better? We don’t have a choice. We can’t afford to give up the dream, but we will also be woefully unprepared if we don’t face and examine the nightmare, even acknowledge the ways in which the threat of oblivious spurs us forth to create something better. As the song says, “from the ashes of the old…”

Red Wedge’s fifth issue is devoted to unpacking these questions. Featuring:

  • Michael Löwy speaks to Red Wedge on Marxism, the surreal, and critical irrealism
  • Sarah Grey reviews Cory Doctorow’s Walkaway
  • Jordy Cummings on improvisation and utopia
  • Kate Bradley on history, misogyny, and the work of Isabella Whitney
  • Joe Sabatini unpacks Marxism and the uncanny in ETA Hoffman
  • Alexander Billet looks at space and time, music and crisis
  • Ramona Wadi reviews the photography of Giancarlo Ceraudo and Argentina’s death flights
  • Trish Kahle looks at Amitav Ghosh’s The Great Derangement and climate catastrophe fiction
  • Fiction from David Renton
  • Poetry from Crystal Stella Becerril
  • Art from Marissa Angel, Olivia Mansfield, and Adam Turl
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