Who We Are

Red Wedge is a website and publication dedicated to rekindling the revolutionary imagination.

     Unapologetically socialist in our outlook, we believe that art, literature, music, performance, and human creativity are essential to the project of imagining and building a fundamentally different world.

     Fighting for a radically different kind of civilization doesn’t just involve art, it is itself an art. This, in a nutshell, is the popular avant-garde. It is art and culture that looks at the elitism of millionaire gallery owners, condescending record execs and the stodgy gatekeepers of literary academia and says “we made this and you cannot ignore it.” It is an outlook with a legacy – from Richard Wright to the Clash, from Frida Kahlo to Bertolt Brecht, from Keith Haring, Audre Lorde and Public Enemy to Kafka, Chagall and Coltrane – that deserves to be revisited, reassessed and revived. 

     We publish our journal as often as we are able (mostly twice a year, aiming for three), as well as pamphlets, zines, and chapbooks. Our website features essays, reviews, imagery, poetry, commentary, and prose, as well as blogs written by our editors and other contributors. 

     Red Wedge refuses to buy into the idea that the dreams of ordinary people are unimportant in a world of inequality and crisis. On the contrary, only in putting these dreams front-and-center can we ever hope to have a future worthy of the word. This is Red Wedge’s mission, which we pursue with fanatical devotion and reckless abandon.

     We are always looking for submissions. Email submissions to info@redwedgemagazine.com. For an understanding of the kinds of submissions we are looking for, it is probably best to read our content, or go to our submissions page. Please include any text in an attached Word or Google document. Any images must be sent in JPG or PNG formats, and any preferred order clearly indicated. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, but will make every effort to get your approval for any edits.

     Red Wedge relies on your support. Our project is both urgent and urgently needed for cultivating a left-wing cultural resistance. If you like what you read above, consider becoming a patron.


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