Along with our online content, Red Wedge also publishes a large, full-color print issue once a year. Each issue is normally between 70 and 80 pages and is constructed around a general theme relevant to a contemporary social struggle and/or its aesthetic and artistic valences. It is out intent for each issue to be an intervention in the creation, maintenance and strengthening of a socialist and specifically Marxist approach to the arts and human creativity. Toward that end we aim to include a wide array of material in each issue: essays and criticism, reviews of recently released literature, music, movies or theater, imagery pieces or photo essays, poetry and prose. 

Our first full print edition "Art + Revolution" was released in the spring of 2015 and features contributions acclaimed musician and author Mat Callahan, poetry by Winston Plowes, an interview with the members of the Oracle Theater company and more along with pieces from editors Brit Schulte, Crystal Stella Becerril, Craig E. Ross, Alexander Billet and Adam Turl. Art direction was done by Hope Asya. 

We aim for each issue to come out roughly every six months. Printing each issue is a huge and expensive undertaking, so we encourage our readers to support us in any way we can, either through donation or subscription.