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The Way of Transgression
Shannon Bell

The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction
Adam Turl

Preliminary Notes Toward a Gonzo Marxism
Jordy Cummings

Joe Sabatini

Fear of Ascendant Masses: John Cage and the Case of Glenn Branca
Cam Scott

Nightmares of Capitalist Modernity Part 2
Joe Sabatini

Blog Posts

Gentrification + The Weak Avant-Garde
Adam Turl

We Are All Outsiders Now
Adam Turl


In Defense of Transgression
The Editors


Lost-Referential Land
Anupam Roy

Echoes of 1917
David Mabb, Richard Reilly and Jon Cornell

Octavio Quintanilla

To the Litter Box of History
Nathan Nun

Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires
Adam Turl



Chow Mein and Anti-Ode
Urvi Kumbhat

Ghazals for Jim Foley
Benjamin Balthaser

The People’s Vote to Remain in the European Union and Notre Dame
Margaret Corvid

Flog Hill
Tish Markley


Art, Gentrification and the Right to the City
Alexander Billet, Magally Miranda-Alcazar and Adam Turl

Outsider Art, Class + The Weak Avant-Garde
Adam Turl

Recreating 1917
Crystal Stella Beceril, Neil Davidson, and David Mabb

Art, Music and the Return of the Crowd
Alexander Billet, Holly Lewis and Adam Turl

Short Stories

Arnold, California, 1985
Trish Kahle

Tish Markley


Wanna Define? So Say So!: David Byrne’s Utopia
Jordy Cummings

Bringing Fuel to the Flames
Jason Netek reviews Guy Debord

Fighting the Enemy Without
Agatha Slupek reviews The Misandrists

Cultural Boycott in History and Context
Neil Rogall reviews Assuming Boycott: Resistance, Agency, and Cultural Production