Red Wedge is an online and print outlet dedicated to understanding and creating art, music, literature, and performance; all from a revolutionary socialist perspective. We publish online roughly twice a week and host periodically updated blogs from a select group of leftist writers, editors and culture workers. Our print journal is released once a year in the spring. We also publish irregular pamphlets, comix, graphic novels, and poetry chapbooks.

Red Wedge is a socialist outlet of the popular avant-garde. What is "the popular avant-garde"? In brief, it is an outlook that puts ordinary people's ability to reimagine and reshape the world at its center.

It is not just a "kind of art" but a way of looking at all art and creativity. A framework that looks at a piece of popular culture and asks whether it tests the bounds of artistic creation despite (or perhaps because of) its contradictions, or at an experimental work and asks how it relates to the concerns of working and oppressed people. It is unafraid to 

The artists, musicians, writers, poets, thinkers and movements that have personified the popular avant-garde:

--Ernst Bloch (unpublished)
--Fred Ho (published but needs to be moved)
--William Blake (unpublished)
--Emory Douglas (published but needs to be moved)
--Constructivism (published but needs to be moved)
--Art of revolutionary France (published but needs to be moved)
--Stella's article on MIA, Tijoux, etc. (published but needs to be moved)
--Neil Davidson on Benjamin (needs to be transferred from WordPress site)
--Public Enemy (unpublished)
--Widgery on Mayakovsky (published, needs to be tagged)