Red Wedge relies on your financial support. All told, it takes hundreds of hours each month to write, edit and publish both online and in print. Maintaining a website, printing a hard-copy magazine, advertising and publicity; all of these require time, effort and money. The last of which we are always in need of and seems perpetually to be in short supply.

     Perhaps it goes without saying, but your average investor is not interested in funding a publication dedicated to a Marxist understanding of art and creativity. Everything we do is volunteer labor and is funded by the money we receive from you, the reader. There are three ways you can support Red Wedge.

     The first is to buy something. If you have not yet purchased one of our journals or pamphlets, or would like to get one for a friend, please consider doing so. Currently we offer digital versions of all our publications, with a print-on-demand service coming shortly. We also run a shop on Red Bubble that features prints, t-shirts, mugs, and other meaningless commodities. 

     Or, you can subscribe. Purchase a one-year subscription and you get all three issues that come out in the coming year.

     The third way to support us, arguably the best, is to become a patron. All those who donate a monthly sum, which helps us pay for virtually everything we do, will be rewarded with subscriptions, posters and other publications.

Thanks to our supporters

The people listed below are those who have donated to past Red Wedge fund drives. We are forever in their debt. 

  • Gary Potter
  • Jordy Cummings
  • Justin Hebert
  • Edgar Mihelic
  • Tristan Sloughter
  • Kevin Moore
  • Megan Groves
  • Bhaskar Sunkara
  • Dan Eppolito
  • Mark Dickman
  • Bob Simpson
  • Charles Holm
  • Judy Heithmar
  • James Tracy
  • Michael Billeaux
  • Shane Johnson
  • John Himmelfarb
  • Jeff Skinner
  • Octavio Quintanilla
  • Sarah Levy
  • Colin Revolting
  • Samuel Nelson
  • JD Tucker
  • Laura Fair-Schulz
  • Allen Arthur
  • Steve Zorn
  • Benjamin Silverman
  • Joe Macare
  • Greg Shupak
  • Alan Wald
  • Dave Florey
  • Scott McLemee
  • Danelle Wylder
  • Liz Fawthrop
  • Amy Crandall
  • Zachary Baker-Salmon
  • Hector A. Rivera
  • Alessandro Tinonga
  • Eric Mar
  • Royall Spence