César Chávez and the Farmworkers’ Struggle: Lessons for the Working Class

César Chávez, the biopic of the Chicano labor leader and civil rights activist directed by Mexican director/actor Diego Luna, hit theaters nationwide last year to a mixed reception of acclaim and criticism. While some critics pointed out the historical inaccuracies that exist throughout the film, most focused on Luna’s near-omission of Filipino farmworkers, and the peripheral roles given to the women of the movement. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon among biopics, which often end up idolizing the individual and losing sight of the historical moment and its key players.

While these criticisms should certainly not be taken lightly or swept under the rug in order to promote an artificial and airbrushed version of César Chávez or the movement, they should also not be used to undermine the importance of the film in bringing this history to the masses and reminding us of what is possible when we come together to fight for justice. In fact, these critiques need to be brought to light and opened up for collective discourse so that we may grasp the true significance of this historical moment and learn from it...

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