Suicide Nets

“Suicide Nets,” from New Tongues' newly released Suite EP, is based on the use of such nets by the Foxconn factory in China to prevent workers from killing themselves by jumping out of their dorms. The suicides became common in 2010 at the Shenzhen manufacturing hub; workers began to see suicide as their only form of protest against inhumane and abusive working conditions.

Loud music often times has mundane or personal lyrics void of historical or political context. What we’ve tried to do is convey ideas about a subject that indirectly force the listener draw conclusions that are outside of their comfort zone. Abrasive soundscapes and the ebb and flow of tempo, volumes, and feel are important to what we write musically. The actual lyrical content of the songs may not be of the direct variety that politicos who listen to music seek out.


The ledge is not your friend today
Those nets are meant for safety
The line shall not be crossed today

Look out below!!!

Not today, not today, not today
When does it end? Where to begin?
Where does it end? When to begin?