November Anti-Capitalist Art Show (in July)

The November Network of Anti-Capitalist Visual and Studio Artists is pleased to announce the "November Anti-Capitalist Art Sow" to be held this July in St. Louis, Missouri, with artwork by Adam Turl, Kelly Gallagher, Ian Matchett, Sarah Levy, Danica RadoshevichAnna Maria Tucker and Craig E. Ross.

The show will run from July 13-25 with a reception, video screenings and a fundraiser for Seattle Socialist city council member Kshama Sawant from 6-10pm on July 18, featuring live music from Thee Mistakes and Marathon ($10 suggested donation for music).

For more information call 618-713-8132 or contact November.

Exhibition dates: July 13-25

Reception/videos/music: 6-10pm Saturday, July 18

Where: Black Bear Bakery, 2639 Cherokee, St. Louis 63118


Thee Mistakes are an experimental ambient sound band based in southern Illinois.

Marathon, based in central Illinois, has been the project of Brandon Beachum since 2006, but since 2014 has had significant contributions from Luke Bergkoetter, Bryce Hays, Wenzlo M.D., ZeKeith McFisto, Michael Kramer, Matt Yeates, Constantin Roman, Nick Foreman, Devin Conathan, and Will Barker.

November is a recently formed and democratically run network of anti-capitalist visual artists, formed for “mutual assistance; to promote work; to share ideas for anti-capitalist strategies in contemporary art; to cultivate the working-class audience for such art; to counter the echoes of post-modern cynicism; and to build practical solidarity with today's struggles.” 

Kelly Gallagher  is an experimental animator, filmmaker and associate professor at Antioch College. She is primarily interested in handcrafted filmmaking and exploring the ways in which experimental and handcrafted animations make labor visible, gesturing toward the relations of their production as handcrafted abstraction.

Ian Matchett is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s School of Art and Design. His paintings explore the connections between radical movements and individuals of the past and present. When the past is forgotten, or remembered only as a distorted caricature, our ability to unify and act in the present is crippled.

Sarah Levy is an artist and revolutionary from Portland, Oregon who was recently living in the West Bank. 

Danica Radoshevich is an artist and MFA candidate at Washington University’s Sam Fox School of Art and Design in St Louis. Her painting, photography, installations and writing are the primary vehicles by which she attempts to map out the spatial realm. She hopes one day to reconcile the pheno-menological project with Marxism.

Craig Ross is an editor at Red Wedge, is a printmaker and cartoonist currently living in Southern Illinois. They received a BFA in Printmaking from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Craig has published various comics and zines; the acclaimed STEAL AWAY: The Visions of Nat Turner. Craig runs the "Red Wedge Comix" blog at Red Wedge.

Anna Maria Tucker is an artist whose work includes painting, installation and performance; confronting stereotypes and trauma. She received her BFA from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale Illinois and is an MFA candidate at the Sam Fox School of Art and Design at Washington University in St Louis.

Adam Turl is an artist, writer and socialist currently living in St. Louis, Missouri. He is an editor at Red Wedge and is presently pre-occupied with exploring past and present Marxist strategies in studio art. Turl is an MFA candidate at the Sam Fox School of Art and Design at Washington University in St. Louis. He writes the "Evicted Art Blog" at Red Wedge.

"Evicted Art Blog" is Red Wedge editor Adam Turl's investigation of potential strategies for contemporary anti-capitalist studio art.