A Call For Submissions: Red Wedge Issue Two

The response to Issue One has been very positive. Despite some repeated shipping delays that we're still working on (apologies to those who are still waiting on theirs; you'll be getting them soon) we at Red Wedge can overall claim "Art + Revolution" a rather clear success. This reveals, as we have said many times over and will likely keep insisting, that there is a strong thirst for radical ideas around art, music, literature and performance. We are proud to make a small but essential contribution toward filling that gap.

And so, what better way to push forward in this endeavor than to... well, push forward. This September, we are scheduled to send the second issue of Red Wedge off to the printers, and are now open for submissions. The theme of the issue will be the art of interracial solidarity (we will likely come up with a snappier title between now and publication). With everything that has transpired over the past year, with rebellions and solidarity reaching from Missouri to the West Bank to Ayotzinapa, this seems a relevant theme for us to go with, and we believe that we will find a wealth of interest from readers and potential contributors alike.

As with Issue One, we are looking for the spectrum of submissions: essays and commentary, reviews, poetry, creative prose and imagery. As with all our content, we strongly encourage submissions from women, queer folks and people of color (which seems particularly prescient given this the subject of this issue). Queries, pitches and submissions should be sent to info@redwedgemagazine.com.