Lady Mule Skinner

Lady Mule Skinner is a performance documented by photographs. Performed without an audience, a camera is set to take photographs every four seconds with a timer. “Failure” is expressed with the sensual tension that builds between my body (wrapped in canvas and paint) and the carrot (dripping with honey) that dangles above my mouth. The carrot represents all of the things I aspire to — love, success, and recognition of my work. “Mule Skinner Blues” is an American Folk song. The music brings in a ritualistic theme to Lady Mule Skinner; and the duality of both labor and gender.

* * *

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Anna Maria Tucker is an artist whose work includes painting, instillation and performance; confronting stereotypes and trauma. She received her BFA from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale Illinois and is an MFA candidate at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art at Washington University in St Louis.