Lucy Parsons at the Golden Nugget

Adam Turl, Execution at the Golden Nugget (Alien Commune), acrylic, water-color, cotton, glitter, stickers, wig hair, coffee and mixed media on canvas (2016).

Alex Pullman claimed to have been abducted by aliens. While aboard their spacecraft he had the following visions of the future. The bombs and missiles of World War Three were frozen above the world's cities just as the UFOs arrived. Later that day long-dead communards reappeared as zombies and ghosts – walking anachronisms in the streets of each city and town. The "Evicted Art Blog" will, over the coming months, share Pullman's account of his visions.

* * *

Zombie Lucy Parsons sheltered
with the zombie sans-culottes
in the entrance to the Lawrence Avenue
Golden Nugget – 
one of the sans-culottes
tried to take a selfie
but couldn’t capture
that primal
stuck-in-the-rain feeling. 

The wind rewrote the
Golden Nugget’s menu
It blew the words away and
replaced them with new words
seconds before
the sky’s water broke.

 The sans-culottes improvised
a guillotine and
took the heads
of two men from Edison Park. 

Zombie Fred Hampton
and a dozen communards
went to the Steak n’ Egger
Zombie Albert Parsons
and twenty hanged men
liberated the IHOPs.

Huck Finn Donuts went unmolested.

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