Red Mars: Seeing the Future

The following video interview with artist and Red Wedge editor Adam Turl was conducted by art critic Dickson Beall for the Saint Louisan:

The artist’s narrative conceptual “Red Mars” is a mixed-media installation of acrylic, coffee, meteorite dust, glitter, stickers, wheat paste on canvas, a telescope, LED sign and booklets. His fictional artist/character views the future of a colonized Mars through a backyard telescope. This character views freedom from a very different perspective, as he creates art and invents “Stories” that confront injustice and consumerism.

Red Mars, a part of the overall 13 Baristas project, is a series of paintings, art objects and installations based on a fictional artist trope:

I can see and hear the future of colonized Mars, including people’s thoughts, using the telescope on my back porch, off old Highway 13, between Murphysboro and Carbondale, Illinois – Alex Pullman (2038).

13 Baristas is about a group of fictional coffee shop workers and artists living in a socially precarious not-too-distant future.

* * *

Beall also conducted interviews with artists Holly McGraw, Mr. Jonathan Berger and Wyndi Antoinette DeSouza:

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