*For Joni Ernst, candidate for US Senate

My brutality is wholesome,
     a culmination of cartoon
          farm-family values
Visited upon the animals
     you name and give voices to
          when you read your children
               their bedtime story

I float over you when you turn on their night-light
     a gelding knife in one hand
     a grenade in the other

There will be no strife on my watch
No red-glaring rockets
     to illuminate the cold-sweat underneath your dreams
          the anxieties that the monsters who
               make you afraid to take a piss at a gas station restroom
               will one day
               come trick-or-treating at your front door

I will eviscerate the degenerates
     Before they sink their clumsy, greedy and thuggish claws into your young ones
And be there to feed them the flesh at breakfast the next day

Won’t you give me your vote?

Xavier Pontoon is the pseudonym for a writer, cultural critic and surrealist activist hailing originally from the United States. He may live somewhere in that country and may be dabbling in poetry and drama.