A Call for Submissions

With the relaunch of our new website, Red Wedge magazine is excited to announce the new blog: "Red Wedge Comix"!

Political cartooning is a dying (if not already dead) art form. A combination of cheap metaphors, lack of humor, lack of nuance, and reactionary politics has led to arguable the most boring and repetitive medium in comics history.

At the same time, alternative comics has seen a big jolt in recent years due to the amazing innovation of cartoonists with immeasurably diverse content and styles.

The hope of "Red Wedge Comix" is to use the diverse and ever expanding and changing medium of alternative comics to restore the revolutionary imagination to the comic medium.

Explicitly political, socialist/anti-capitalist, anti-racist, feminist, anti-fascist, LGBTQ liberation, and decolonization comic themes are encouraged.

If you are interested in publishing your work online through Red Wedge Comix please email your submissions to dumpsterpizzapress@gmail.com

Also if you are interested in publishing longer serialized comics (either, monthly or weekly) please send proposals to this email address as well.

All submissions should be RGB color format and 300ppi size

No racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or other comics that reinforce oppression will be accepted.

"Red Wedge Comix" is Red Wedge editor Craig E. Ross's exploration into the diverse and ever expanding and changing medium of alternative and anti-capitalist comics.