Red Wedge No. 2: Have You Pre-Ordered Yet?

This is the newly-designed cover for Red Wedge No. 2, “Art Against Global Apartheid.” We are incredibly excited to send it and the rest of the issue to the printers – which we’ll be doing in a matter of weeks now.

A roundtable with Robin D.G. Kelley, Walidah Imarisha and Jonathan Horstmann from BLXPLTN; essays on the meaning of art and interracial solidarity; poetry from Prerna Bakshi, Anthony Squiers and Demetrius Noble that runs the gamut from the humorous to the heartbroken and outraged to the ethereal and mysterious; a look at what a recently founded collective of anti-capitalist artists is up to. This is material worth getting excited over.

We also hope that you, the reader, are just as excited as we are. At the risk of overstating the obvious, the more pre-orders we get for Red Wedge No. 2, the larger our print run can be, the more we can do with it. 

If you have not yet ordered a copy or purchased a subscription, please do so. If you have, then tell your friends, colleagues or comrades about us and suggest they support us somehow. If you work for a university or are a member of a union, convince them to purchase an institutional subscription (which are cheap at RW, especially by institutional sub standards).

Tweet this message, post it on Facebook or Tumblr. Print it out and photocopy it; put copies boldly on community bulletin boards or surreptitiously on bus seats. Put them in coffee shops or bars, bring them to concerts, art openings or rallies. Drop them from airplanes, hot air balloons, or dirigibles. Staple them to the back of your boss’s most expensive suit, or stick them to a Donald Trump yard sign using superglue from his own toupee.

In the coming months we hope to bring the content of Red Wedge No. 2, “Art Against Global Apartheid,” to as many people as possible. We will be launching the issue at Historical Materialism Toronto this May, are planning a reading event in Chicago, and many others. These events will not just be targeted at showcasing Red Wedge but at building the kind of smart, uncompromising radical artistic communities that are so sorely needed. But, as always, how much we can do relies on your support.

Buy Red Wedge No. 2, “Art Against Global Apartheid.”

Purchase a subscription.

Support us with a donation.

We will be eternally grateful.

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