Helluvaworld Part 2

Stuart Shadwell is a St. Louis based artist with prime interests in comic book illustration, puppets, animation, and building model structures. You can check out more of their work on their Pinterest  and contact them via email at stuartshadwell@gmail.com. - Craig E. Ross

* * *

Helluvaworld is a horror comedy comic. John J. Stampie is based on a millionaire from my home town who liked to put his name on everything. In the comic he will be killed by a Clawfist, a line of female defenders of the earthly realm from the hells. John J. Stampie will replicate every time he is killed. Helluvaworld also features a female protagonist Skelly Anima. Anima is taken from Jungian psychology and is the female part of the male psych. Skelly Anima is supposed to be a positive female aspect of the artists male psych. Likewise, there will be a nemesis called Animus, a negative male representation in the female psych.  - Stuart Shadwell 

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