Najawa, a Story of Palestine: Zine Edition

Red Wedge Comix is excited to announce that Michelle Sayles, author of "Najawa, A Story of Palestine" has converted this comic into a free zine! This comic was previously published on Red Wedge Comix on November 13, 2015. Michelle Sayles is an artist and community organizer living in Burlington, VT. You can find more of her work on her blog. If you are interested in downloading a PDF of the zine, click the link provided below. - Craig E. Ross

Najawa, A Story of Palestine: Zine Edition

"Najawa: A Story of Palestine" is a 45’ long comic piece created by artist Michelle Sayles in the summer of 2015. The comic tells the story of a Palestinian woman’s life in decade snapshots as she navigates her country under occupation, ending with a vision of future liberation. The story synthesizes together oral history, documentary, and media accounts of life in occupied Palestine to raise awareness about the history of the ongoing Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Check out this awesome video of the artist explaining more about each panel: